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YouTube CFC Issue: cfloop array CF7

Name: cfloop array CF7
ID: 2
Project: YouTube CFC
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Derek
Created: 12/22/08 10:02 AM
Updated: 12/22/08 10:02 AM
Description: another CF7 downgrade

Attribute validation error for tag CFLOOP.
The tag does not allow the attribute(s) ARRAY. The valid attribute(s) are COLLECTION,CONDITION,DELIMITERS,ENDROW,FROM,INDEX,ITEM,LIST,QUERY,STARTROW,STEP,TO.

The error occurred in \com\youtube.cfc: line 72

70 :    <cfset var w = "">
71 :       
72 :    <cfloop index="w" array="#words#">
73 :       <cfif len(w) gte 2>
74 :          <cfif len(w) gt 25>
History: Created by dbinaz (Derek) : 12/22/08 10:02 AM

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